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schedule and how to follow the SpaceX rocket launch attempt live

SpaceX will try again to launch Starship this Saturday, November 18. Here you can see how to follow the launch live.

Starship launch: schedule and how to follow the SpaceX rocket launch attempt live
The Starship rocket from SpaceX, the company owned by Elon Musk

The amateurs of space exploration today have an appointment with SpaceX. Elon Musk’s company will try to launch this Saturday, November 18 its most ambitious rocket to date, Starshipafter a failed attempt that took place in April of this year, and which ended with the gigantic rocket disintegrating a few minutes after taking off.

Now, after a series of delaysSpaceX claims to have solved the problem which caused the implosion of the largest and most powerful rocket in the world, and will try to reach Earth orbit again in one of the biggest milestones for the American company. A milestone that, of course, can be followed live.

What day and what time will the Starship launch be?

The company itself has already confirmed it: he Saturday, November 18 an attempt will be made to launch Starship, as the Elon Musk himself made it clear in X.

It will be done during a launch window which opens at 07:00 Texas time, 14:00 in Spain. However, the company itself explains that the calendar is dynamicand could be affected by different aspects that are beyond SpaceX’s control.

How to follow the launch live

From 35 minutes before of takeoff, SpaceX will give the option of follow the launch through a live broadcast. This broadcast will not be carried out through YouTube on this occasion as it has been done in previous releases

Instead, The launch of Starship can be followed through the SpaceX website or in your X profile.

What to expect from Starship’s second launch attempt

With this mission, SpaceX wants to demonstrate its ability to reach Earth orbit with the most powerful and largest rocket in history. Starship is a ship 120 meters high, 9 meters in diameter and has 33 Raptor engines.

During the first attempt, carried out in April of this year, it was possible to see how the ship took flight for just over three minutes, until it disintegrated and fell into pieces due to a chain of problems derived from a vulnerability in the rocket launch platform itself.

According to SpaceX, the first flight test provided numerous lessons learned that directly contributed to several improvementsboth the vehicle and the ground infrastructure. Such improvements will increase the probability of success of the test, which seeks to demonstrate Starship’s ability to serve as reusable means of transport for astronauts, satellites and any other type of cargo that can be used in future missions such as the return of human beings to the Moonor Musk’s (even more ambitious) ultimate goal: take humanity to Mars.

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