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See when the screen stars lie!.. Vishal does the same to catch the fans!..

Vishal: Tamil cinema has a habit. They don’t do what they say in public. Journalist Anthanan said that when there are many such incidents, Vishal is now included in that list.

When Anthanan spoke, a young man named Muthukumar was burning about the Eelam issue and said that he committed suicide and protested with my body. His death was followed by a procession. Many celebrities participated in it.

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Then they vowed that the hero of all the films coming that year would be named Muthukumar. Only 2 films saved it. That’s all they want to get applause. Directed by director Dharani, the audio release of Gilli was held at the Vishwalathor School in Chennai.

Then a student sang wonderfully. Hearing that, Dharani told her that she has a chance in her next film. But that never happened. Similarly, a worker was singing Vishwarupam song. Kamal shares the video and asks him to pick up the man. Kamal says I will give him a chance too.

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If he had thought about it, he would not have said that he would cast you in a good role in his film. Will you give a chance to Vijayakanth’s child? Don’t talk just to get applause, he said.

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