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Seeman trusts Vignesh Shivan and comes back to Kollywood!… Do you know what his character is in the story?

Vignesh Shivan: There is a rumor that director and politician Seeman will be seen in LIC directed by actor Vignesh Shivan. How did he make that story okay? What is he acting for is now a surprising information.

Vignesh Sivan, who was supposed to direct Ajith, missed the opportunity. His next film is LIC. Said to be Love Insurance Corporation. Pradeep Ranganathan plays the hero. Nayanthara is playing the lead role in the film. Anirudh will compose the music for the film.

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Controversy first arose over the name of the LIC film. A famous company filed a complaint not to use our company name. Following this, Vignesh Sivan recently sent a notice explaining his LIC film. In this case, actor Seeman is acting in the film. Seeman, who is very interested in organic farming, is going to play an organic farmer in this film as well.

In particular, Pradeep plays Ranganathan’s father. But how will Seeman agree to a minor role? That’s not it. Pradeep Ranganathan is more interested in artificial agriculture in the film. It is also said that the main story will be the demonstration between father and son.

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As it was titled as LIC and it was expected to be an all-out love story, this information has increased the expectations for the film. It is also noteworthy that actor SJ Surya is playing the lead role in the film. Recently the shooting of the film started in Isha Yogi.

Apart from that, in the post published by Vignesh Sivan about the start of the shooting of the film, it has been leaked that the name of Love Insurance Corporation has been changed to LOC instead of LIC.

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