Home Entertainment Selfie, shawl!.. Is Sivakumar the common man?

Selfie, shawl!.. Is Sivakumar the common man?

Selfie, shawl!.. Is Sivakumar the common man?


When his friend of many years came to wear the shawl, Sivakumar angrily grabbed it and threw it away, as if he was humiliating him in public.

Even though the person was a close friend, when the problem arose that Sivakumar’s actions were not wrong in public, Sivakumar released a video together with that friend and apologized.

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Similarly, while the netizens are questioning whether he took a selfie with the selfie taker and posted a video when he tapped the selfie taker’s cell phone, the blue-shirted Maran has posted a new tweet saying that ordinary people are like light to Sivakumar.

Many are questioning that Shivakumar, Surya and Karthi’s father, has not even learned that anger is an enemy when he is in a well-respected place advising many.

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”That cell phone brother and your friend are common people. That’s why you knock like this. Would you have knocked if a politician, businessman or famous actor and his family did the same? So.. the main reason for this is to see the rich and the poor.” As Blue Shirt Maran Sivakumar has started making the rounds as the only content available for now.



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