EntertainmentSelvaraghavan is getting ready to direct the second part...

Selvaraghavan is getting ready to direct the second part of the popular hit film… The film crew is making a splash…


Selvaraghavan, a leading director of Tamil cinema, is currently working as a PC actor in Tamil cinema. Selvaraghavan, who played the leading roles in the movies “Beast” and “Shani Kaitham”, has now made his debut as a hero in the movie “Bahasuran”.



Although many films directed by Selvaraghavan have become major works of Tamil cinema, films like “Puthuppettai” and “Airathalil Oruvan” have become the films that are talked about beyond time. In this, the official information has come out that the movie “Airathil Oruvan 2” will be released in 2024 and Dhanush will play the hero in it.

Similarly, the efforts for the movie “Puthuppet 2” are also going on, reports said. So Selvaraghavan fans are eagerly waiting for these movies. In this situation, a new piece of information has come out which seems to surprise the fans.

7G Rainbow Colony

7G Rainbow Colony

It means that the second part of the movie “7G Rainbow Colony” which was released in the year 2004 and directed by Selvaraghavan is going to be made. The film will be directed by Selvaraghavan himself. It is also said that AM Ratnam, who produced the film “7G Rainbow Colony”, will produce the film.

Also, Ravi Krishna, who acted in the previous film, is playing the hero in this film. It is also said that the team is on the hunt for the heroine of the film.

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