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Shah Rukh Khan’s promise to Vijay!.. What happened when Jawaan was created!

Atlee was an assistant to director Shankar. I got to know Vijay very well when the film Ndan was made. Vijay got hold of Atlee, who was in a frenzy during the shoot. Raja Rani, the first film directed by Atlee, was a hit with Vijay.

After that, the story told by Atli became the film that got caught by Vijay. Atlee gave a super hit by portraying Vijay as a mass hero and stylish. Although Atlee is criticized for shooting films that have already been released, he is critical of how Vijay should be shown.

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That’s why Vijay liked him and acted in 3 films under his direction namely Mersal and Bigil. All these 3 films are very popular with Vijay fans. That’s why Vijay never gives up on Atlee. After the film directed by Venkat Prabhu, it is not surprising that Vijay will act in Atlee’s direction.

Because Atlee has given the mega hit film Jawaan with Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan. The film has collected more than Rs.1000 crore worldwide. After the completion of Bigil, Vijay sent Atlee to Shahrukh Khan saying ‘No matter what, you should not miss this opportunity’. Also, Jawan would often ask Atlee about the status of the film at the time it was made.

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Shah Rukh Khan told Vijay on his cell phone when the film Jawan was confirmed, ‘I am going to act in Atlee’s direction. I will take good care of your director. He will work as he pleases. I promise you that there will be no problem. Atlee will have become a great director after the completion of this film. Atlee himself said this in an interview.

As he said, Atlee has now become a great director. It remains to be seen whether he will direct Shah Rukh Khan again or Vijay.

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