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Shakib Al Hasan: ‘Winning is the most important thing in war’ – Shakib Al Hasan explained about the controversial out | according to law i appealed at umpire shakib al hasan on mathews timed out

Many people are talking about the outing given to Sri Lankan player Mathews as a “time out” rather than the victory of the Bangladesh team in this match. There is no one side saying that Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan’s appeal for that out is right, but one side is saying that it is very wrong. ‘Bangladesh and Shakib Al Hasan’ Apart from them, no other team and no other player would have done such a shameful act.’ Mathewzoom expressed his displeasure.

Shakib Al Hasan, the captain of the Bangladesh team, said, “One of our players came to me and took more batsman’s time than the allotted time. So appeal to the umpire who says it’s out. After that I also went to the umpire and told this.

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