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Shamar Joseph: “Security to West Indies Sword!” – This is Shamar Joseph’s achievement story! | The inspiring story of West Indies Cricketer Shamar Joseph

That yorker to Carey, that short ball that dismissed Starc for injury, that back-off-length delivery that probed Cummins’ outside edge and made him reconsider his first-innings declaration, that full-length delivery that finally got Hazlewood out and declared “Mission Accomplished” was all one. Coming from the young fast bowler is unbelievable.

Although the Gabba has always been a fast bowler’s paradise, the rising heat and a nagging leg injury pulled Shamar back. But it was not just his ability at every point but the fortitude to bowl 11.5 overs regardless of injury and pain that made Laura’s eyes glaze over to Carl Hooper’s eyes, even reminiscent of Rizb Pandit.

Shamar Joseph

Shamar Joseph

Rodney Hawke’s negative words have inspired the team, but this overseas Test win has given the players a World Cup-winning impact. That’s the glory of the Test format!

Rather than being labeled as an Australian defeat or a West Indies victory, it showcased the unyielding spirit and zeal of a young player.

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