Share Link-To-Text In Chrome With Stylized Chrome WebNotes Snippets

Share Link-To-Text In Chrome With Stylized Chrome WebNotes Snippets

Google is planning some big changes for its direct link-to-text fragment feature in Chrome, via a new snippets feature dubbed “WebNotes Stylized.”

First spotted by Chrome Story,  stylized WebNotes in Chrome gives users a new way to share snippets of text via a link. Namely, by allowing users to share an image file of the text as a quote. When that image file gets clicked, it sends users to the page where the text was linked from. And, as with the previous link-to-text fragment feature, directly to the segment of the page that contains the quote.

WebNotes stylized are in the Chrome share menu on Android

As of this writing, one of the biggest differences is that the new feature doesn’t seem to work anywhere but on Android. And even on that platform, it’s only available in Chrome Canary, tucked behind an experimental flag setting. So users need Chrome Canary downloaded. Then they’ll need to navigate to “chrome://flags” and search for and enable “WebNotes stylized” before accessing it.

Once activated and once Chrome Canary has been closed and reopened or restarted, the feature is still not right out in the open. Instead, users need to highlight text and then choose the “Share” option. A new option appears in the resulting menu. Specifically, an option that’s labeled, “Stylize highlight.”

A tap or click on that reveals quote image options. And a tap on “Next” after scrolling over the desired option reopens the share menu for the selected option.

This is still experimental for now

As noted above, this feature is still tucked behind a hidden flag setting. So it’s still experimental. But that does provide some insight into when Google might release it. At the earliest, the new feature will arrive in Chrome 93. Since that’s the current version of Chrome Canary. That’s slated to arrive in late August.

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