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She has earned more than 200,000 euros selling Excel templates and she is not even an expert: this is how she achieved it

Selling Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets spreadsheet templates can be a big source of money, as demonstrated by this story

She has earned more than 200,000 euros selling Excel templates and she is not even an expert: this is how she achieved it
The protagonist of this story has earned thousands of euros selling spreadsheet templates

You don’t need to have advanced knowledge of Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets to make money from both spreadsheet services. This is how he defends it Emily McDermotta user who assures having won more than 200,000 euros in less than 2 years selling spreadsheet templates of these platforms. His story is told in a article published on Medium in which he explains how he has managed to earn so much money with this procedure.

The most curious thing about McDermott’s case is that she does not consider herself an expert in spreadsheets under no circumstances. However, it does believe it detects well the digital products that are in high demandworking on them to offer the public what they are looking for. This is how the protagonist of the story discovered that buyers were looking for already designed spreadsheet templates, and she set about creating them to sell later.

More than 200,000 euros earned from the sale of spreadsheets

Emily McDermott doesn’t consider herself an expert in creating spreadsheets, but we could say that yes it is in the sale of digital products. That is the great conclusion we drew when reading the article that he published in September 2022 on Medium, in which he explained that he had won 280,000 dollars (about 250,000 euros at the exchange rate) selling on Etsy spreadsheet templates in a period of less than 2 years.

How did he get it? Discovering that users were demanding those Default templates to save time when working. When using spreadsheets, it is normal that you should spend a few minutes configuring them based on the work you need to do. However, if you get the templates already edited, you can go directly to the task and skip the editing phase.

The protagonist recommends creating diverse spreadsheet templates to reach more users.

Emily McDermott knew that Etsy users largely searched for spreadsheet templates, but she also knew that There weren’t many sellers offering that same product.. She found out using the eRank websitewhich he advises us to use to detect those high-demand digital products that we talked about previously. In this way, the protagonist found keywords related to spreadsheets.

The second step followed by McDermott was to make a varied list based on keywords found. The idea was not to offer just one accounting template, for example, but several belonging to that category. The strategy had 2 objectives: know which one sells better and show more listings on EtsyThat way it would reach more users.

Another of the tips offered by Emily is to create simple spreadsheet templates that help people save time. Users do not want to be overwhelmed with many columns and graphs, just find an Excel or Google Sheets spreadsheet that has the right and necessary sections.

Lastly, Emily McDermott also recommends focus on a specific niche and create an email list based on that niche. For example, if you focus on accounting, those customers who have already purchased spreadsheets will do so again when they need them in the future. That was the method followed by the protagonist and it helped her earn 800 dollars in one day after sending an email to all the members of your list.

Finally, McDermott also offered some ideas on themes that might work well for spreadsheets, such as wedding planning, accounting, debt tracking or investment monitoring. She was not an expert in creating these documents, but she used free tutorials to learn and earn $280,000 in less than 2 years.

If you also use Microsoft spreadsheets to work, we remind you that there is several Excel formulas that you absolutely have to know to get more out of it. On the other hand, if you still don’t master it, you can resort to certain Applications to learn how to use Excel. that will be very useful to you. Once you have the knowledge, you can follow the route of Emily McDermott to start earning money.

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