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Shows Like And Just Like That


And Just Like That is a revival of the sex and the city phenomenon, based on the novelIs There Still Sex In The City?by Candace Bushnell.

Columnist Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), lawyer Miranda Hobbs (Cynthia Nixon) and art dealer Charlotte York (Kristin Davis) are returning to continue the story.

What Is And All That About?

Eleven years after the Sex and the City 2 (2010) events, from their friendships in their 30s to a more complicated reality of life and companionship in their 50s, the women of sex and the city have made their transition.

Now, the three women face typical midlife issues such as the loss of youth, the aesthetic pressure of growing older, children growing up, marriages turning into divorces and new career aspirations.

Love, sex and friendship mix once again in the lives of Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte, with New York City as a classic backdrop.

Like it’s predecessor, the revival has brought controversy. Opinions are divided, with many believing that it falls short of the original series.

Yes, it has been updated with new dynamics, but it’s still the same characters that we continue to love.

In the end, regardless of one’s opinion, And Just Like That was announced as the service’s most-watched series premiere, with new subscribers purposely signing up to watch the series.

Shows Like And Just Like That

If you enjoyed the series and are in the mood to continue watching a series as captivating as this one, you want to make sure to take advantage of the list of nine shows like And Just Like That we’ve put together for you.

Follow a young writer working at a publishing house in SoHo, and her friends, a teacher and aspiring artist and a PR assistant who wants to work on environmental issues, in Girls.

Follow two friends living out their twenties in New York City. With no money, they don’t run away from the crazy situations NY presents to them but throw themselves straight into all kinds of messes. No matter how bad things get, they are always willing to face life, in broad city.

Follow the adventures of two friends who live diverse experiences, many of them uncomfortable in the brilliant comedy drama, Insecure.

Check our list of shows like And Just Like That, where you will find hours of fun for your evenings. Let us know any other suggestions in the comments below.


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