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Shows Like Derry Girls – 9 LOL Comedy Series To Binge!

When Is Derry Girls Set?

Derry Girls is the hilarious sitcom created and written by Lisa McGee.

It’s set in Derry, Northern Ireland during the 1990s where we see four teenage girls (and one boy from England!) navigating their adolescence as they attend an all Girls Catholic School during the Troubles.

We already know that the series is set in the 1990s, but what year? Lisa McGee, the writer of the show has never specified the exact date.

However, we can deduce from various real-world events shown in the comedy series that it must be set in 1995.

In season two, the girls are shown watching a News program that features American President Bill Clinton visiting Derry. Clinton’s trip to Northern Ireland happened in November 1995.

And in season three the finale was a special extended 45-minute episode titled The Agreementset in 1998 during the signing of the Good Friday Agreement.

Where Is Derry Girls Filmed

Channels 4’s most popular show in years, the comedy put Derry firmly on the map. Much of the TV series is actually filmed in Derry. However, many of the shows most iconic scenes are shot in Belfast.

The scene of the girls walking down the steep hill on their way to school was filmed at Limewood Street in Derry. With great views, it is well worth a stop for those looking for that perfect selfie!

Fionnula’s chips shop scenes were filmed at John Long’s, a real chippy which can be found on 39 Athol Street, Belfast. Apparently, the fish and chips are delicious!

So, if you fancy a road trip to become a ‘Derry Girl’ you’ll need to head over to Northern Ireland.

Don’t forget to visit the newest mural in Belfast where the show’s stars have been immortalized on the side of Badger’s Bar on Orchard Street.


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