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Shows Like Kevin Can F Himself – 10 Dark Comedies To Stream NOW

What Is Kevin Can F Himself About?

Allison lives a quiet life in a family town with her husband, Kevin, who inhabits a charmed existence as a beloved guy.

Kevin loves the Patriots, spends all his time with his best friend and neighbor Neil and his sister Patty, and sees Allison as somewhere between a buzzkill and a hot wife.

Allison wants to make a new and better life and struggles to redefine her existence during an unhappy marriage with her husband, an insensitive and unambitious man-child.

The series alternates between two perspectives, showing a lighter, more comedic sitcom setting on one side and a more dramatic storyline on the other as it explores Allison’s uncertainties and insecurities.

When we first meet Allison and her husband, Kevin, they seem like a typical couple under flat sitcom lighting with a multi-camera setup and canned laughter. Kevin is free-spirited, while Allison is hyper-organised, and the two wade through predictable sitcom jokes and plots.

But when Allison is alone, the lighting switches to cinematic, with a single camera setup more common to television dramas. The tone becomes slightly surreal, and it is here that Allison begins to suspect that her husband is a walking cliché who is slowly sucking her will to exist.

And as she becomes increasingly attuned to the anger that was always lurking beneath her sitcom-mom facade, she begins to make choices that lower her otherwise comfortably bad life in ways that surprise viewers.

Kevin Can F**k Himself is a darkly humorous show that explores the secret life of a type of woman we all grew up believing we knew, the sitcom wife.

Switching between the realism of single-camera and the comedy of multi-camera, the shapes bond with each other as we imagine what happens when a sitcom wife breaks her boundaries and takes the lead in her own life.

How Many Seasons Does Kevin Can F Himself Are There?

Kevin Can F**k Himself premiered in June 2021 with the first season of eight episodes. In August, the series was renewed for a second season.

Despite the good reviews and acceptance by the public, in November 2021, the network confirmed that the show would end after two seasons.

The second and final season was aired in August 2022 with eight more episodes.

The series reached its natural end with two seasons and a total of 16 episodes.

Age Rating For Kevin Can F Himself

Kevin Can F**k Himself is an unusual mix of comedy and drama intended to draw attention to the role of sitcom wives on television.

The setting and characters transform from predictable and playful to serious and scary, and a wife plans to poison and kill her husband. This violent undertone is sometimes hidden and occasionally surfaces in illusory but shocking scenarios, such as when one character suddenly stabs another in the neck and blood gushes out.

Characters use drugs, smoke cigarettes and drink to the point of being overly friendly and sloppy. Sexual jokes are frequent, and language is often inappropriate.

Although it is entirely up to parents to decide the type of content they allow their children to view, we recommend this series for more mature teenagers over the age of 15.


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