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Shows Like Killing Eve – 10 Incredible Dramas To Stream NOW

What Is Killing Eve About?

The series follows Eve Polastri, an investigator bored with her role as a protective guard within the British intelligence agencies.

She gains interest in killers, particularly women, their psychologies and methods of killing.

After shamelessly investigating behind the scenes regarding a witness she is handling, she gets dismissed from MI5 but recruited by a secret division in MI6, pursuing an international assassin, much to her delight.

When her unit, headed by annoying boss Frank Haleton, is informed by MI6 operative Carolyn Martens that a Russian politician is murdered, her boss, Bill Pargrave, puts Eve in charge of protecting the only witness to the crime.

A chain of events leads her to the highly skilled assassin, Villanelle, an arrogant young woman who keeps her handler, Konstantin, in the palm of her hand.

As time progresses, the story gets more twisted, and the connection between Eve and Villanelle becomes more complicated.

Eve discovers that the members of both secret circles may be more connected than she likes. The two develop a mutual obsession and begin to focus less on their initial missions to desperately seek more about the other.

Is Killing Eve Worth Watching?

Killing Eve is a fun and quirky spy series that defies the rules of the genre, delivering a cleverly written story that successfully combines comedy, thrills and suspense.

The protagonists play powerful and prominent roles that move away from the traditional. There are tense and dark moments, often combined with brutal violence, but they are balanced with intelligent, spirited moments and well-constructed jokes.

The rest of the cast, played by exceptional actors, also provides three-dimensional characters essential to the story. But it is the unconventional personalities of Eve and Villanelle, ranging from intelligent but awkward to ruthless but exceptionally sensitive, that make this tale stand out.

How Successful Was Killing Eve?

The show was highly successful in the US and UK, receiving critical acclaim, mainly for its script and the leading actresses’ performances.

The program broke weekly rating increases and received multiple awards, including the British Academy Television Award for Best Drama Series.

Both Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Drama in a Television Series and the Primetime Emmy Award for Best Actress in a Drama Series, respectively. Comer and Fiona Shaw also received British Academy Television Awards for their performances.

However, the third season of Killing Eve was criticized for minimising Sandra Oh’s starring role in favor of Jodie Comer’s character and redundant secondary character development.

The hashtag “#whereiseve” was used by several fans to express discontent, furthering discussions regarding racism in the television industry. The Killing Eve finale also received a less positive reaction from its fan and critics, who called it unsatisfying and cruel.

A unique and irreverent series that escapes the typical spy drama, Killing Eve leads us to try to understand that what makes people do bad and good things is not always easy or straightforward.

A show capable of creating mixed feelings that is worth watching!


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