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Shows Like Superstore – 10 Great Comedies To Stream NOW


Superstore Quick Recap

Jonah Simms is a college student who dropped out of business school and initially struggled to get a customer service job, something he hides from his upper-middle-class family.

Amelia ‘Amy’ Sosa is a Honduran-American employee who worked as an associate, floor supervisor and assistant manager before being promoted to shop manager. She is the one trying to hold everything together despite the best efforts of her clueless manager, Glenn and her strong-willed assistant, Dina.

Glenn Sturgis is a constantly positive shop manager and a devout Christian. Despite his good intentions, he is often inconvenient and can only sometimes deal with the multiple unique situations in the shop.

Garrett McNeil is a sarcastic and indifferent associate who is a wheelchair user. He is also the speaker in the shop, in whose capacity he often offers his bitter commentary and dry humour.

Mateo Fernando Liwanang is extravagant and uninhibitedand along with this quirky team, we also have Cheyenne Thompson, a pregnant high school student and Sandra Kaluiokalani, a meek native Hawaiian employee who has trouble standing up for herself, among other unique characters.

From dazzled rookies to veterans who have seen it all and summer hires, the narrative follows the day-to-day arrival of bargain hunters, commotion-causing promotions, and nap-inducing training sessions.

Underlying the comedy are stories about people trying their best in challenging circumstances and pulling together when the going gets tough.

Why Did America Ferrera Leave Superstore?

America Ferrera, who played the lead role of Amy Sosa on the NBC sitcom super storeannounced in February 2020 that she would be leaving the show at the end of the fifth season.

Ferrera had been with the show since its premiere in 2015 and was also one of the executive producers. She stated that she was leaving to pursue other opportunities and to focus on her family, as she was expecting her second child at the time.

Although Ferrera left as a series regular, she returned for the sixth season to direct an episode and also appeared in a guest role in the series finale.

The show’s producers and cast members have expressed their admiration and gratitude for Ferrera’s contributions to the show and her impact on the industry.

How Many Seasons Of Superstore Are There?

There are six seasons of super store. The show premiered on NBC in November 2015 and concluded in March 2021.

The first season had 11 episodes, while the second to fifth seasons each had 22 episodes.

The sixth and final season had 14 episodes.

Why Was Superstore Canceled?

The decision to end super store after its sixth season was a creative one made by the show’s producers and network executives.

The show’s creator and executive producer, Justin Spitzer, had already announced his departure from the show at the end of the fifth season, and the decision was made to end the show on a high note after his departure.

NBC announced the cancellation of super store in December 2020, stating that it was a difficult decision but that they wanted to give the show the opportunity to end on its own terms.

While super store had a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim, the decision to end the show may have also been influenced by declining ratings in its later seasons.

Nonetheless, the show has left a lasting impact on the industry, particularly for its representation of working-class and diverse characters.


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