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Shows Like The Good Place – 10 Great Comedies To Stream NOW

What Is The Good Place About?

The Good Place is where people go after death if they have been good during their lives. Even though Eleanor is in the good place, she knows there has been a mistake.

She was a selfish and evil person in life, and realizes that they think she is another person with the same name.

Trapped in a world where no one curses or gets drunk and everyone is always good, Eleanor finds herself in a dilemma between deserving to stay there or going to The Bad Place.

She decides to keep her true self a secret. She starts working on becoming a better person with the help of her new friends Chidi Anagonye, ​​a philosophy professor and her soul mate, Tahani Al-Jamil, an English socialite, and Jason Mendoza, a DJ from Jacksonville.

As the story unfolds, the group faces several twists and challenges in their journey to become better people and stay in The Good Place.

In addition, they discover that The Good Place may not be as perfect as it seemed at first…

Is It Any Good?

The series has been praised for its originality, intelligence and unique approach to the afterlife.

It covers topics such as morality, ethics and philosophy while featuring an entertaining and charismatic cast.

Among other praise, the show has received a Peabody Award and three Hugo Awards for best dramatic presentation, short format.

It has also been nominated for fourteen Primetime Emmy Awards, including Best Comedy Series for its third and fourth seasons.

Why Did The Good Place End?

The Good Place premiered in September 2016 and ran for four seasons, with the last one airing in September 2019.

The series ended after season four in a creative decision by the show’s creator, Michael Schur and the executive producers.

According to Schur, they decided to end the series in the fourth year because the story had reached the natural conclusion point that they had planned from the beginning.

In addition, the cast and creative team felt it was the right time to end it while they were still in their prime and with a satisfying ending for the characters and the story.

In an open letter to fans, Schur stated that “the series was always planned to be a complete story with a beginning, middle and end”.

Where Was The Good Place Filmed?

The Good Place was filmed primarily in sound studios at Universal Studios in Los Angeles, California.

However, the series also did some filming in other locations, like Redondo Beach, California, which is home to the beach house of the character Eleanor Shellstrop, played by Kristen Bell.

In addition, some external scenes were filmed in several areas of Los Angeles, including Griffith Park and the Getty Center.

What Is The Age Rating For The Good Place?

The Good Place is a comedy series with a TV-PG rating, meaning the content is generally suitable for all ages.

However, the show features complex philosophical and existential themes, as well as jokes, some mild language, sexual references and humor that may not be suitable for younger children.

Therefore, the show is recommended for viewers over the age of 14. Ultimately, it is up to parents or guardians to decide whether the program is suitable for their children based on their values ​​and standards.


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