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Siemens and Intel cooperate

The goal is to make advanced semiconductor production more sustainable.

The world’s demand for chips is increasing, and this requires efficient yet sustainable semiconductor manufacturing solutions. This applies not only to production lines, but to all areas of design, operation and reprocessing. Thus, in order to increase the efficiency and sustainability of advanced semiconductor production, Siemens and Intel Corporation signed a memorandum of understanding.

Automation and digitization will be key elements of the cooperation. Among other things, the companies plan to explore areas such as optimization of energy management, opportunities to reduce the carbon footprint of the entire value chain, development of cyber security, and support of a flexible global industrial ecosystem.

Siemens joins the collaboration with its portfolio of state-of-the-art automation and IoT-compatible hardware and software. These include, for example, the technology of digital twins, through which complex, expensive production systems can be planned and simulated in advance. In this way, expenses can be reduced, standardization can be made easier, and efficiency can be increased, which also contributes to the achievement of global sustainability goals.

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