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Simbu watched Ajith’s film without getting a seat!.. Maple is so mad!..

Actors usually have fans. But many actors are fans of some actors. For example many actors like Sathyaraj, Sarathkumar were fans of MGR. Many actors like Kamal, Rajini were fans of Sivaji.

Similarly, many actors who came after Rajini and Kamal were their fans. They are still there. Directors like Lokesh Kanagaraj are fans of Kamal. Likewise, many young directors are ardent fans of Rajinikanth.

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Even Vijay and Ajith used to dance to songs in the 90s, singing and dancing Thalaiva next to Rajini movie posters. Now they have fans. After Rajini-Kamal, Ajith-Vijay are also fans of many people from the film industry.

Actor Simbu was an ardent Rajini fan in the beginning. He was introduced with the nickname Little Superstar. He followed Rajini’s style of styling and speaking punch lines. But, at some point, Ajith became a fan.

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In many interviews he has said ‘I am a fan of Ajith’. Directed by Venkat Prabhu, Ajith starrer Mangatha. Simbu, who wanted to watch the film’s first day premiere at Satyam Theatre, did not get a ticket. So, he decided to stay there and watch the next scene.

Simbu entered the theater without a ticket but could not find a seat. So, he watched the entire film while standing still. Simbu was such a big fan of Ajith.

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