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Sivaji Ganesan who played a negative role… do you know in which film?…

Actor SivajiGanesan: Sivaji Ganesan is the actor of Tamil cinema as Tilak. He was initially a stage artist and later started acting in cinema. Parashakti, his first film, gave him a big hit. He is a close friend of actor MR Radha. Both of them have acted together in many dramas and films.

Sivaji also carved a niche for himself in the cinema through many films like Aadhad Medhai, Karnan, Veerapandiya Kattabomman. Initially, the development of the cinema industry was a little slow.

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But with the passage of time, modern technologies were also developing in cinema. But even in those days Shivaji was acting. Edugatti also acted with many leading actors. He acted in supporting roles in many films like Padayappa, Love Today, Bhooparikka Varam. These films also gained huge popularity among the people.

Shivaji’s film Parashakti was a hit for him. After the success of this film, he conducted an art program for the Elamites living in Sri Lanka at his own expense. As soon as his performance was announced, all the tickets for the performance in Sri Lanka were sold out.

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During the event, they asked to speak the court lines from the movie Parashakti. Accepting their wish, Shivaji also spoke those verses on the stage. And Shivaji kept the income from the event on the platform and gave it to the organizer. This incident itself is an example of Shivaji’s natural disposition to help others.

After this event, he acted in the Tamil movie Daribar. But the film did not give him much success. But it cannot be said that the film is a failure. In general, playing a negative character in those times is a bit difficult to get a place in people’s minds.

But Chivaggio has performed it. He played a character who misbehaved with many women in the movie Duribar. Through his negative character, he has created a unique identity for himself in people’s minds.

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