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Sivaji’s ‘no’ changed the actress’s head! How do you know what happened?

Nadikar Thilagam: Everyone knows what a personality Sivaji was in the Tamil film industry. To this day he remains a guiding light for the budding young generation of actors. Many people have learned acting through his films.

Sivaji, who has played various roles in many films, surprised everyone by acting as a pure villager in Pattikada Pattanamma. Jayalalitha acted opposite him in that film.

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At that time there was a small friction between Shivaji and Jayalalitha. So first the team has signed actress Hema Malini as the heroine opposite Sivaji.

This has also been told to Shivaji. I heard that Hema Malini is the heroine in the film, does anyone here know them? He asked. Immediately the producer of that film said that he should develop through us.

Immediately Shivaji did not want all that. Jayalalithaa is the only person who fits this character perfectly. So he sent a message to Jayalalitha asking her to say I told her.

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But the producer thought that Jayalalitha would not act anyway because of her anger towards Sivaji and asked Jayalalithaa. After asking, he came to act.

What is the problem between the two, but the profession is different. Both have proved that the problem is different. Meanwhile, everyone knows how successful the film was.

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Maybe if only Hema Malini had acted in this film she would have got more opportunities in Tamil than Hindi and become a leading actress.

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