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Sivakarthikeyan – Suri combo of super hit movie 2nd part.. Fans are in for a treat!…


Actor Sivakarthikeyan is a leading actor in Tamil cinema. He is currently busy shooting Maveeran. Aditi Shankar opposite Sivakarthikeyan in this film. As far as Tamil cinema is concerned, the comedy actor is as important as the hero in a film.

Comedy dominates

Nagesh was the perfect comedian for MGR and Shivaji since that time. Like Kamal in the 80s, Janakaraj for Rajini, Kaundamani for YG and Sathyaraj, Ajith for Senthil, Vadivel Vivek for Vijay, Sivakarthikeyan’s ideal comedian has been actor Suri since his debut.


sivakarthikeyan soori

Their comedy was constantly being talked about in films like Apatatha Valipar Sangam, Rajinimurugan, Seemaraja. One similarity is that all these three films were directed by director Ponram. He was an assistant director under SA Chandrasekhar.

The film has no chance without Sivakarthikeyan

In fact, he came as the director of Sivakarthikeyan’s Asthana. A movie titled DSP starring Vijay Sethupathi is being prepared under his direction. Dosth was the first film in which he worked as an assistant director.



After that, he has worked as an associate director in a number of hit films. In this situation, a news about the director Ponram is doing the rounds. The news is that he will direct the second part of Rajinimurugan, which he has already directed.

Universe Impact

There are reports that Rajinimurugan is going to include the character of Bose Pandi in the second part of Valibar Sangam, which is not upset, to create something called Ponram Universe, just like how director Lokesh created a universe.


sivakarthikeyan soori

It has been reported that Rajinimurugan has decided to cast 2 Sivakarthikeyan, 2 Suri, Rajkiran and Sathyaraj characters in the second part. Not sure how likely this is. Sivakarthikeyan has now grown tremendously as a mass hero as an action hero.

Suri is also developing as an action hero under the direction of Vetermaran. When this is the case, will both people return to their old situation? It should be seen from that point of view.

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