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Sivakarthikeyan who heard the talk!… Ajith who used him for his promotion… the height of jealousy

Ajith: Actor Ajith usually has a jealous streak towards Vijay as seen in the recent incident. But shocking information has now come out that he has been doing this for many days without making any noise.

Updates about Vijay, who is starting a political party, are constantly appearing on the internet. A picture of Ajith, who was almost unknown, is a strange thing for his fans.

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It is said that there is a shocking incident behind this. That is, Sivakarthikeyan met Ajith at the Thadvu shooting spot. Then both of them were taking photos. But Ajith as always requested not to publish it now. In the same way, Shiva has also come from outside.

Suddenly Sivakarthikeyan got a call from Ajith. It was said that the photo you took can be released now. On investigation, the first look of Varisu was released and went viral.

It was at that time that a photo of Ajith and Sivakarthikeyan was also released. When Vijay continues to go viral like this, a news about Ajith also goes viral. Now it is clear that it was Ajith’s idea and he has been doing the promotion without any noise.

So there will be a lot of updates!

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