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Sivakarthikeyan’s trick! I am calm for the children!. Heartbroken Iman spoke!

Sivakarthikeyan: From an early age he became interested in music and learned musical instruments regularly and played in many places like churches and star hotels. After many struggles, Iman became a music composer in cinema. His music was noticed in Vijay starrer Tamilan. After that he was also in Vijay’s good book.

Years later, Iman also composed music for the Vijay starrer Jilla. He has also composed music for many films including Maina, Apatatha Valipar Sangam, Kumki, Kayal, Annatha. He gave many melodies. He also entertained the fans by giving many punch songs.

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He is the one who composed the music for Sivakarthikeyan starrer Manam Kothi Parivi. After that, Iman also composed the music for films such as Apatata Walibar Sangam, Rajini Murugan and Seemaraja. The combination of the two gave hit songs. However, the two have not spoken for the past several years.

Speaking to a media recently, Iman said, ‘I know Sivakarthikeyan’s development. All my songs in his films are hits. But, I will never forget his betrayal of me.. I will never forgive. I can’t say it because it’s my own thing. If I speak out, my children’s future will be affected.

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Even if I forgive him, I will never forget his betrayal of me. He was one of the few people I got to know closely. I am well acquainted with his family. I never expected him to betray me like that. My children will come to me in the future and say ‘what happened?’ If they ask, I will tell them only,’ Iman spoke dejectedly.

Also, I will not compose music for his film in this life. That doesn’t always happen. Even if you forgive him, you cannot forget what he did. So, traveling with him is not possible,’ said Iman. This interview of Iman has created a sensation in the film industry.

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