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Small business CISOs suffer from stress that is already putting companies at risk

Small business CISOs suffer from stress that is already putting companies at risk


According to a new study by advanced detection and response platform Cynet, 94 percent of CISOs in small and medium businesses report that their jobs are too stressful.

65 percent admit that work-related stress issues compromise their ability to protect their bodies. 100 percent of CISOs surveyed said they need additional resources to adequately address current IT security challenges.

The lack of bandwidth and resources affects not only CISOs, but also their teams. According to the report, 74 percent say they lose team members due to workplace stress issues, and nearly half of CISOs (47 percent) have had multiple team members quit in the past 12 months. Relentless stress levels are also impacting recruiting efforts, with 83 percent of CISOs admitting they’ve had to compromise on hires to fill the void left by employees who quit. More than a third of the respondents claim that they are actively looking for or considering a new position.

“The results of our mental health survey are devastating, but it’s not all doom and gloom. Our research shows CISOs know exactly what they need to reduce their stress levels: more automated tools to handle repetitive tasks, better training, and the ability to outsource certain work tasks ” said Eyal Gruner, co-founder and CEO of Cynet. “One of the report’s most startling findings was that more than 50 percent of the CISOs we surveyed said that consolidating multiple security technologies into a single platform would reduce their stress levels at work,” Beta News added. according to.

According to the study, 77 percent of CISOs believe that limited bandwidth and lack of resources are causing important security initiatives to fall behind, and 79 percent said they have received complaints from board members, colleagues or employees that security tasks are not being addressed. effectively.

Additionally, 93 percent believe they spend too much time on tactical tasks instead of strategic, high-value work and leadership. More than a quarter of them reported that their workday is spent almost exclusively on tactical/operational tasks.

This also has a personal impact: 84 percent of CISOs say they have had to cancel a vacation due to an urgent work matter, and 64 percent report that they have missed a private event due to work fatigue. More than 90 percent of them consistently work more than 40 hours a week without a break.

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