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Snickers loot offer : Get ₹20/35/50 Snickers for FREE

Snickers loot offer : Get ₹20/35/50 Snickers for FREE


Snickers Exam rewards offer

Snickers loot offer : Get ₹20/35/50 Snickers for FREE | 100% UPI cashback

Snickers Exam rewards offer, Snickers Woohoo offer – Hi guys, here comes another Snickers offer with 100% cashback in UPI / Bank. Snickers has released 100% cashback offer during this Exam period in India. Its called ‘for extra hunger during exams grab Snickers‘. Users can purchase the ₹20 / ₹35 / ₹50 Snickers pack & they will get 100% cashback in form of UPI / Bank transfer.

In Past , we have seen lots of Snickers offer. Either its Snickers from Home offer with Grofers voucher or Snickers Paytm cashback offer. Snickers keep running this kind of contests in regular phases.

This 100% cashback offer is valid from 01.01.2023 & ends on 30.04.2023. This offer is applicable only on the Snickers pack which have the promotion communication on pack and not applicable for the stocks which do not have promotion communication on the front of pack as stocks may be available without this offer

How to claim 100% cashback from Snickers?

Snickers 100% Cashback Offer
  1. Purchase the Snickers packs from your nearest store which have this offer mentioned on front pack.
  2. You will find unique code inside the Snickers pack.
  3. Now visit this offer page – https://snickersexam.woohoo.in/claimreward
  4. Enter Unique code
  5. Put Mobile number & do an OTP validation
  6. Enter Name & City
  7. Select preference out of UPI & NEFT. For UPI- you need to provide UPI ID. For NEFT- You need to provide Account number, IFSC code & Name.
  8. Click on to agree to Terms & Condition & Submit.
  9. Within 2 working days (excluding bank holidays, Saturday and Sunday) from the date of filling the correct details winner shall receive their reward

More details you should know

  • Promotion is valid throughout India.
  • User can participate 2 times from 1 mobile number during program period
  • The Program is applicable on specific box of Snickers bar
  • The Program is valid only in India from 01/01/2023 to 30/04/2023
  • During the Program Period, cashback of Rs.20/ Rs.35/ Rs.50 shall be given on purchase of Snickers of Rs 20, Rs 35 & Rs 50 respectively by participating with unique code. Consumer will have an option to get cashback in form of UPI or NEFT.


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