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Some Apple services are currently down for users across the world

Apple Music, iMessage, Maps, TV, Fitness Plus, iCloud, App Store, and other services are currently down for users across the globe. Those trying to access online content from these services will have to wait until the servers go back up. At the time of writing, the company’s system status website still states that everything is functioning normally. However, users have resorted to social media and Down Detector to complain about this outage.

Apple Services down

It’s not uncommon for online services to go offline from time to time. There are several potential reasons as to why this has happened, including the possibility of a server overload. Considering the large number of users around the world depending on Apple services, it’s safe to assume that the issues will get resolved sooner rather than later — assuming the cause isn’t too serious.

Apple is seemingly still unaware of these issues, at least on a customer-facing level. However, with users reporting these problems on numerous platforms, the company will become aware of this in the very near future — if it isn’t already. In the meantime, don’t uninstall any of the Apple apps that aren’t functioning, as reinstalling them won’t solve any of these problems, and you’ll lose your local data in the process. So for example, if you have downloaded Apple Music songs, deleting the app will remove those as well. You will additionally get locked out until the servers are back online. For now, you will have to enjoy your offline media — if you have any — or depend on other similar services until Apple’s go back online.

Has this major outage affected any of the services you actively use? If so, which? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: Down Detector

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