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Someone accidentally bought and used a Pixel 7 prototype for three weeks – Phandroid

The Google Pixel 7 looks pretty different from the Pixel 6 series, or at least different enough where you should be able to tell both phones apart from one another, right? Interestingly enough, it turns out that maybe not everyone might be aware of the design changes, at least according to this Reddit post.

According to the post, it seems that the person bought a Pixel 7 prototype off Facebook Marketplace after it was listed as the Pixel 6 Pro. They then proceed to use it for about 3 weeks, only to discover that they had the Pixel 7 in their hands after they ran into issues with it where the phone was seemingly remotely wiped and locked by Google.

It is unclear if the person knew that they had a Pixel 7 prototype in their hands all along, or if they were only brought to its attention after their device was locked. What’s interesting about this is that this isn’t the first prototype of the Pixel 7 that we’ve seen online. Just the other day, a prototype was listed for sale on eBay.

Further digging by This Is Tech Today has revealed that there are more Pixel 7 prototypes floating on Facebook. It is unclear how Google has allowed this many prototypes to make it out into the wild, but to be fair, it’s not really a huge leak since during I/O 2022, Google did confirm and tease images of the Pixel 7.

The phone is largely expected to be released later this year, possibly October if the Pixel 6’s launch date in 2021 is anything to go by, so we should be able to expect official details in the coming months.

Source: 9to5Google

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