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Square Enix was afraid for the sale of their games because of Crystal Dynamics and Eidos

Square Enix as part of a recent financial quarterly report announced reason for sale Crystal Dynamics and eidoswhich surprised many.

The company allegedly feared that sales of projects like Tomb Raider, Deus Ex, Avengers and “Guardians of the Galaxy” interfere with the sales of the firm’s other games – and the transfer of the studios supposedly helped improve capital efficiency.

The explanation caused bewilderment among users for a number of reasons. For example, earlier Square Enix mentioned that sales of such projects were not so strong. In particular, it concerned the same “Guardians”.

In addition, the release window and the genres of individual games do not overlap with each other, especially when compared with final fantasy and Dragon Quest. Analysts suggest that Square Enix’s real desire was to try to interest someone like Sony in the takeover, which is easier to do without these studios that do not fit into the “world picture” of the company.

It is possible that the large expenses that the production of those very games with low sales required were originally implied, but this issue was not explained in detail.

In any case, Crystal Dynamics and Eidos will soon be part of Embracer Group, which cost the last $ 300 million The deal is expected to close this year. At the same time, in the same quarterly report from Square Enix notedthat sales fell 15.5% and operating profit fell 16.7%.

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