Home Android News Steam has these 3 free games that can be obtained at any time and forever

Steam has these 3 free games that can be obtained at any time and forever

Steam has these 3 free games that can be obtained at any time and forever


There are 3 games that we bring you in this post and each of them is a different proposal that we can find on Steam.

Steam has these 3 free games that can be obtained at any time and forever
Steam gives us 3 more free games that can be downloaded forever

We are in the middle of the weekend, specifically in the last hours of the weekend, so we have very little left to start a new week full of work and routine. So, in this house we have thought that, if you like video games and are regular PC playersMaybe you want to spend the last hours of Sunday trying some free games that they offer us from Steamlike this list of titles at zero cost that we published yesterday. In fact, both articles have in common that they are lists of video games on the Valve platform and also the number of them.

As many of you know, Valve offers us many free games that can be claimed whenever we want and forever very frequentlySo we like to share with you some of these proposals so that you can discover the gems that are hidden among all those free to plays. In this case, again We bring you 3 free titles that can be downloaded for an unlimited time and, once that is done, keep them forever in our Steam game library.

Steam has 3 other free games that can be claimed forever and for an unlimited time

Hooks galore

Grapples Galore is an exciting arena shooter focused on fast hook moves and gelatinous characters. Use your grappling hook to swing around the map, grab weapons, or grab other players and launch them towards you! Fight with your friends or with random players online!”. It is worth mentioning that This title is in early accessso if you try it and you like it, you can witness firsthand the progress they make with this proposal over time.

Download Grapples Galore for FREE on Steam


This StrangerZ has the peculiarity of not being the favorite game of Steam users, since It doesn’t have great reviews. However, in the end it is a free game, so We don’t lose anything by trying it, and on top of that it’s a title that can be played with friends to have a better time. “StrangerZ is a multiplayer Survival Horror game. Survive the “unknown” until dawn with your teammates or play as him. Level up your stats and rank by surviving or killing all players.” Then, on this title page you can find several offers that will give us the option of getting DLC ​​content and even a bundle with the games from the saga itself.

Download StrangerZ for FREE on Steam

Cards and Castles 2

“Incredibly deep and easy to learn for new players, This fun and quirky CCG features a tactical board for a touch of strategy. The cards played come to life on the battlefield as animated characters that can move and block enemies, adding depth to the traditional CCG formula. Build unique decks from 7 different iconic factions: vikings, crusaders, witches, pirates, ninjas, druids and the undead.”

Download FREE Cards and Castles 2 on Steam

These are the 3 games that we bring you in this new post of free Steam gamesand all of them They can be claimed for an unlimited time and forever. During the coming week, you will surely receive more posts like this, so stay tuned for that.



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