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steps to follow to unsubscribe from the digital broker

steps to follow to unsubscribe from the digital broker


Don’t forget to leave all services with eToro paid before unsubscribing from their service.

How to close your eToro account: steps to follow to unsubscribe from the digital broker
eToro is one of the big brands within digital investment brokers

Unsubscribing from digital services can sometimes be difficult, but in the case of eTorothe digital broker in which all types of investments can be carried out, you can close your account without problems thanks to its simple interface. Following the steps that we will explain to you belowYou can completely disconnect from eToro services to permanently delete your account.

How to cancel the eToro service

Closing your eToro account is very simple, but it is important that, before canceling your accountthat you put all the things in order pending issues within the platform. Unsubscribing as such is possible by accessing “Settings”, navigate to the “Account” menu, and there you will find available the option to close your eToro account. But don’t go so fast! First, make sure you have done the following actions:

  • Remember close all open positions. To unsubscribe from the service, you must have withdrawn all investments you have through eToro. If you want to close your account, don’t forget that this step is essential.
  • Withdraw all the money you have in your account. The most advisable thing so that you can close your account without any problem is that you have first emptied it completely, so it is better that you transfer your money to another platform, wallet, or bank account. By completing this step, unsubscribing will be much easier.
eToro cover

eToro has an interface adapted to both mobile phones and tablets

You can close your account for free

eToro will allow you to close your account for freeso you will not have to worry about any expenses related to the management of the withdrawal. As can be seen, eToro does not cause any complications so that users can close their account. Of course, don’t forget some basics like withdrawing your money or closing any investment that is in progress.

In fact, if you are not going to use the services investment that eToro offers to its clients, it is recommended that you unsubscribe of the service, because this broker charges maintenance costs for inactivity. For this reason, if you are not going to use eToro for a long time, it is best to close your account, although it may be annoying to have to open another account from scratch. It is better to spend a few extra minutes than They charge you for a service that you do not use.

fintech cryptocurrency

You can comfortably invest in cryptocurrencies through eToro

Service Alternatives to eToro

If the reason you want to close your eToro account is that you want try other digital brokers Of those available in the sector, you will find many options available that can adapt to your particular interests. In fact, at Andro4All we have already talked about other fintech dedicated to the world of investment in all types of markets.

An example of it it would be XTBa portal that is known to be one of the most popular today for making investments. XTB also has a very broad portfolio of products and services focused on investment, and its business formula has allowed them to grow widely in recent years. Therefore, a different alternative, but at the same time, similar to eToro, is XTB for the options it offers.

On the other hand, there are also brokers with more specific services, such as the case of Plus500 and your investments with leverage, since it is a portal to invest in CFD’s of all types of investments: raw materials, cryptocurrencies, currencies, stock markets from many countries, etc. This option is riskier, and in fact, 82% of users lose money in this type of investmentsbut profits can also be maximized through this type of investment. Thus, it is a broker for expert investors who assume the great risk of their movements.

Likewise, there are also neobanks that have attractive investment services. An example of this is MyInvestor, with a wide range of financial products focused on investing, in addition to other firms such as Revolut or N26 that They already have a cryptocurrency portfolioamong other things. Therefore, if you are interested in investing, do not hesitate to consult the wide range of options that the fintech currently offered.

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