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Stunning new iMac Pro concept renders show why you need one on your desk

Yesterday we shared a new concept image of what creator @Apple_Tomorrow thinks a future iMac Pro could look like if it was based on the refreshed M1 iMac chassis. Today, we’re back with more renders — some exclusive to iMore.

The previous iMac Pro is no longer on sale, but it’s surely only a matter of time before Apple brings the powerhouse back to the market and boasting Apple silicon to boot. It also stands to reason that it would be based on the recently refreshed M1 iMac chassis, although potentially with some changes made to accommodate more stringent cooling requirements. These renders show what that could look like, complete with the pre-requisite matte black finish. It wouldn’t be a pro machine if it wasn’t in Space Gray, would it?

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I’m sure you’ll agree that these renders show an iMac Pro that’s just begging to be placed on your desk. I know I have a space on mine ready and waiting — even if I don’t need iMac Pro levels of power to type words into the iMore CMS!

Would you buy a new iMac Pro if it looked like this? Shout out in the comments and let us know. Of course, no iMac Pro is ever going to be cheap and the new M1 iMac is the sweet spot for most people who don’t need the raw power it would offer. Check out the best iMac deals we could find and you could save a few dollars, too.

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