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Sudden change in the wind fence series – no one expected!

Many serials are being aired on television to compete for RRP ratings. There is a different kind of story moving in it. Although this serial is set with a college storyline, Youth Tadumpa explores the important dimensions of life such as love and fighting.

And in this serial, a girl named Vanilla, who is studying in college with the help of a teacher against her father, falls in love with college professor Surya over time. This ‘Kaatrukkenna Weli’ serial is being aired with the background of whether their love hand is possible.

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Suffice it to say that the Vanilla and Surya duo already have a loyal fan base. Swaminathan Anandaraman is playing the role of Surya after Darshan’s departure. It is noteworthy that he has previously acted in the Gemini zodiac serial. He has also acted in Kannada cinema.

In this case, a brand new update has been released about this serial. That is, reports are circulating that the director of the Windy Fence serial has been replaced. Photos of Vanilla and Surya with the new director are going viral on the internet.

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No definite information has been released about this, as well as it has been said that this new director has already directed several serials. He is also the former director of the lullaby series airing on Sun TV. She has also starred in the beloved TV series airing on Sun TV.

Fans had recently expressed their displeasure that the serial did not even get an award at the Vijay TV Television Awards. Especially for this serial the youth fan crowd is high.



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