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Suriya does not invite any actor to eat at home! Why is he special? Do you know who?

Actor Surya: Surya is emerging as a mass hero as a respectable actor in Tamil cinema. Even his father Sivakumar was surprised that he would be so attractive in cinema. Suriya was so ignorant about cinema.

But now when I see him wearing various bad clothes and dreaming for the film, it is very amazing. There has also been an incident where Sivakumar himself was pained to see Suriya pretending to be upset about his body.

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Surya is not a person who can talk to anyone. Karthi is a lively character. But Surya is very calm. The title of Suriya’s next film Purananooru, who is currently starring in Ganguwa directed by Siruthai Siva, was released yesterday.

As usual, fans have started decoding what kind of film this film will be. In this situation, famous TV anchor and actor Jagan had spoken very proudly about Suriya in an interview.

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Both of them acted together in the movie Ayan. Suriya and Jagan became close friends during the shooting of the film. Jagan said that Surya took Jagan to his house and his mother served all the food with her hands.

But till then Suriya never brought any actor home and cooked food. Jagan is so close to Suriya. Surya Jyotika’s wedding is on September 11. Jagan’s wedding is the next day.

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Similarly, Surya’s daughter Diya’s birthday is August 10. Jagan was proud to say that his son’s birthday is August 11. And Shivakumar looked at Jagan and Surya said, ‘You are acting well. But I don’t know if he is so good’, he praised.

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