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surpasses iPhone 15 Pro Max

The ‘youtuber’ XEETCHARGE has tested the battery of the best mobile phones of the moment and the result is… That the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra eats them all!

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra dazzles in its first battery tests: it surpasses the iPhone 15 Pro Max
Surprising for the better: the autonomy of Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Ultra is even better

It was precisely one of the great incentives of the more than successful Galaxy S23 Ultraand it seems that in the absence of opinions more conscientious autonomy will also be one of the most important credentials of which the Samsung Galaxy S24 that have just been officially presented and are already about to reach its first buyers and anticipated.

And indeed, the preliminary tests that it has been able to do he youtuber XEETCARGO with their unit tests reveal how winner to the Galaxy S24 Ultra if we compare its energy performance with other giants like Pixel 8 Prohe iPhone 15 Pro Max or his predecessor Galaxy S23 Ultraand the battery is identical between the Galaxy S23 Ultra and the new S24 Ultra.

Well it is true that There are many disclaimer what to do about the test video uploaded to YouTube, and it is not revealed or verified What are the screen parameters chosen on each device?neither the resolution, nor the brightness or the refresh rates, details that are very important to properly assess energy consumption in comparisons.

In any case, NotebookChecking confirmed that the content creator XEETCHARGE has designed quite reliable tests of intensive daily use of a device, including the loop operation of social networks such as Facebookmultimedia applications such as Youtube“heavy” games like Asphalt 8 and even the tests reference point of 3D brand.

As for the performance of each device, you can see it in the embedded video, although if we talk about the results it is worth noting that The Galaxy S24 Ultra far surpasses its predecessor the S23 Ultra with the same battery, and their numbers reach the 11 hours of continuous operation while the 2023 model managed to clock 8 hours and 10 minutes. It seems that Qualcomm’s improvements work.

With respect to iPhone 15 Pro MaxThis one has achieved a second place with 10 hours and 20 minutes of autonomy in the test, something that is justified by a much smaller battery than in the case of Samsung. It talks about 11% less capacity (4,422 mAh), which in terms of efficiency per mAh would give it first place.

The new Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is the mobile phone with the greatest autonomy of the ‘premium’ cut, although the iPhone 15 Pro Max is very close with a much smaller battery

Lastly, the Pixel 8 Pro with the largest 5,050 mAh battery of all the contenders, it signed the third step with 10 hours practically fairslightly behind the iPhone and with its Tensor G3 chip raising doubts.

Don’t take it personally because These are preliminary tests and even the Galaxy S24 Ultra software will be pre-series, although in reality they do offer us a vision of what to expect more or less of any of these flagship.

It seems that Samsung has returned to hit the key with the refinement of your formulaWe will try it soon!

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The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra dazzles in its first battery tests: it surpasses the iPhone 15 Pro Max Samsung Galaxy S24

Brand Samsung Alternative name Galaxy S24 Release date 01-17-2024 Price €909

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