EntertainmentSurya broke the trolls into a hundred!.. The incident...

Surya broke the trolls into a hundred!.. The incident of Vasul hunting and capturing the fort without a sound..


Actor Surya is a leading actor in Tamil cinema. He continues to give hit films and is an actor with a high status among the people. Suriya is currently acting in Suriya 42 directed by Siruthai Siva.



It is said that Suriya 42 is going to be the biggest budget film at a time when the shooting is in full swing. In this historical film, Suriya plays various bad characters.

It is also said that this film is being made in 10 languages. It is said that this film will be the highest budget film of Suriya’s career. Even though Suriya has many good films, some netizens are still teasing that Vijay is struggling to catch up with Ajith.



But now Surya has shattered all that. In other words, Vijay used to be a predatory emperor in the business before the release of the film. It has now been broken by Suriya 42. This film has become a business of almost 500 crores.

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Following this, Suriya’s next film ‘Vadivasal’, a collaboration with Vetrimaaran, has also entered the business. With this, it seems that Surya is close to taking his place. And when the famous producer Dhananjeyan said about the release of this film, the film’s director Siva said that the release date will be announced after the completion of the shooting as the shooting will continue for a long time.



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