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Surya’s verse in Vikram movie is a disappointment for the fans who were expecting the league on the internet ..!

Lokesh is the one who made everyone look back at Tamil cinema with the film ‘Manakaram’. His first directorial debut was critically acclaimed and his second film was ‘Prisoner’ starring Karthi. It is safe to say that the film was a direct hit with Vijay’s ‘Pigil’ and was a mega hit due to Lokesh’s unique direction.

Lokesh, who is a big fan of Kamal, has directed the movie ‘Vikram’ starring him.

The movie is expected by the Kollywood film industry as it stars Vijay Sethupathi and Bhagat Bachil along with Kamal.

But recently, it was reported that Surya will also be playing Vikram in the film.

In this situation, the verses spoken by Surya in Vikram film from yesterday have been leaked on the internet as an audio recording of the shooting spot.

As well as those records are being spread by the fans on the internet so that the fans are highly anticipating Surya’s character. But it is not known to what extent those audio recordings are true.



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