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SUSE’s container technology enables fast and efficient application development

Organizations must respond flexibly and quickly to ever-changing customer needs and market trends if they are to remain commercially successful. Therefore, it is crucial for them that their software always provides the latest features that users may need.

According to SUSE experts, software developers can meet these needs quickly and at an adequate level if they develop applications with the help of container technology and supplement them with new functions. Containers act as well-variable building blocks, thus ensuring the necessary freedom. However, their treatment also requires a suitable background.

Time is a key factor in software development, as companies must respond quickly to market trends, technological advances, and changing customer needs. Therefore, any tool that simplifies and speeds up development processes is extremely useful for software developers. An example of this is container technology, which allows you to freely transform and rapidly improve applications.

A lot is at stake (for construction).

According to SUSE experts, software created using containers can best be compared to a house built from Legos. Every part of the building can be broken down into its components and then easily rebuilt. The individual building blocks are separate parts of the architecture that can be easily fitted to each other or to any part of the building. Each cube contains all the components that may be needed to perform the given function. Each element realizes a separate function, and if changes are needed anywhere, the elements can be disassembled and moved, or used in a later project, in the construction of a new “house”.

So if the software development company develops a certain module or function for one of its customers and places it in such a “cube”, then from then on, with minimal modifications, it can easily be used in other customers’ projects later. Thanks to this, the deadlines are shortened both on the developer’s side and on the customer’s side.

A secure background for construction

However, the installation, operation and supervision of containers requires a new approach and expertise, presenting companies with difficulties. SUSE aims to alleviate this challenge by a complete, all-encompassing portfolio offers simple, efficient and safe management and monitoring of containers.

The central element of the portfolio is a SUSE Rancher container management tool, which is an open source solution intended for enterprise use. The software helps IT operations teams manage the operational and security challenges of managing containerized environments, whether in the data center, in the cloud or at the edge. The product also provides DevOps teams with built-in tools to build, test, and run containerized applications.

The community version of the solution is available for free to anyone, so software development companies can use it flexibly at any time according to their needs. And if a customer uses the solution in a production environment, he can use the professional, large-enterprise level Rancher Prime support.

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