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Sustainable transformation with artificial intelligence – ComputerTrends

Sustainable transformation with artificial intelligence – ComputerTrends


Starting in April, companies can try out their private generative artificial intelligence on an AI test drive, Fujitsu announced at the Innovation Forum in Budapest. Here, the supplier also presented its ETERNUS NU200 platform, which rewrites the rules of entry-level data storage.

It aims to deepen the cooperation between humans and artificial intelligence with its new enterprise-level AI strategy, in which artificial intelligence is defined as a reliable assistant that increases human efficiency and creativity, Fujitsu announced at the end of February. At the beginning of March, the supplier’s regional managers presented the strategy to the domestic partners in Budapest. As one of the first major steps, the Fujitsu Data Intelligence PaaS service will be available worldwide from April this year, along with consulting services related to artificial intelligence and related technologies.

Fujitsu is not only one of the largest IT providers in the world, employing more than 124,000 people and having 140 data centers, but also one of the largest developers of artificial intelligence. It spends 2 billion dollars annually on research and development, its 10 global R&D centers register 120,000 patents, and in terms of the number of AI patents it is among the top ten suppliers, he said Ladislav Orenicthe head of Fujistu’s Channel-led Countries (CLC) region covering more than a hundred countries, in his presentation at the Innovation Forum.

Ladislav Orenic, head of Fujitsu’s Channel-led Countries region

Three years ago, when announcing the comprehensive transformation portfolio of Uvance, Fujitsu already confirmed its commitment to building a people-centered and sustainable world and a reliable society. Artificial intelligence plays a key role in all of this.

– Fujitsu is a company of digital transformation, and in this transformation the business goals of our customers are important, technology is the tool – said Ladislav Orenic to our newspaper after his presentation. – Strive to sustainably transform production, improve customer experience and quality of life or strengthen trust in society, together with our partner ecosystem we help organizations achieve their goals with consulting services and methods, Customer Experience (CX) Lab centers and DX Innovation Platform. To all this, we add AI and data technology and hybrid cloud solutions, and as a SAP partner we also add business applications. It is important that our strategy is not aimed at replacing transactional product sales or traditional solution sales, but instead expands it with new consulting services in order to create even greater value for our customers.

Color-blind artificial intelligence

Generative AI will affect the lives and work of all of us, it doesn’t matter if someone works in a white- or blue-collar job, for the rapid development and expansion of technology, as we have seen, the data, algorithms and sufficiently powerful hardware are now available, he said. Udo WürtzFujitsu’s technology director, in his presentation illustrating the types, areas of application and use cases of artificial intelligence in demos.

Udo Würtz, Chief Technology Officer, Fujitsu

Fujitsu’s customers are primarily interested in opportunities for generative artificial intelligence and automated machine learning (AutoML), operational process analysis, product quality control and behavioral analysis, as well as causality. To meet their needs, the supplier develops technologies and solutions such as the Fujitsu Kozuchi artificial intelligence platform, which includes basic engines for the application of generative AI and AutoML, and Fujitsu Actlyzer supports various advanced forms of video-based behavior analysis in public areas, industrial, commercial and in other environments.

One of the new stars of the series of open-source large language models (LLMs) appearing on the market is the French Mistral AI’s multitasking optimized model, Mistral 7B, which even surpasses the performance of Llama 2 13B in the chat genre. Based on the Mistral AI model, the German Vago Solutions developed its own, also open-source SauerkrautLM-Mixtral-8x7B model, which it built as a MoE-type model on a collaborative neural network architecture for processing complex and varied data sets. And Fujitsu built its Private GPT solution on the SauerkrautLM-Mixtral-8x7B model, which companies can install locally and teach and use on their own data.

Although the Fujitsu Private GPT is available in five languages ​​by default – English, German, French, Italian and Spanish – the model can be easily taught in another thirty languages, including Hungarian.

– The translation layer of our Private GPT solution runs as a containerized service on the local server in the same way as the large language model itself – Udo Würtz told our newspaper after his presentation. – Since the use of Private GPT does not require an external cloud service or internet access, companies can exploit the possibilities of high-performance, specialized generative artificial intelligence in their own data center with maximum security, even in areas with strict data sovereignty requirements, such as the government and healthcare sectors.

On Fujitsu’s AI Test Drive platform, companies can test these options for free – the infrastructure created from hardware and software from leading technology suppliers, including Intel, Juniper, NVIDIA and SUSE, is available to customers and partners in the European Union in Frankfurt, at NTT’s data center they can reach. The test drive helps to design and optimize the AI ​​infrastructure that best fits the real company needs and use cases, even before starting the procurement process. Accordingly, the AI ​​Test Drive platform is already popular, as Udo Würtz highlighted, the number of organizations interested in test driving quadruples every week.

Performance and efficiency at Olympus

Fujitsu builds the foundation for advanced AI capabilities with a new generation of sustainable, stackable and distributed infrastructure. At the same time as the Innovation Forum in Budapest, ETERNUS announced its NU200 unified storage platform, for example, with which it rewrites the rules of the entry-level data storage game. While many other vendors, for example, do not recommend using more than 50 percent of drives to preserve performance, ETERNUS NU200 users can utilize almost the entire storage capacity without performance degradation, the vendor said.

Fujitsu also recently announced the latest family of PRIMERGY servers based on the fourth-generation AMD EPYC platform and the high-performance Qumulo on PRIMERGY software-based NAS storage solution, and its next version, codenamed FlexFrame Olymp, can revolutionize the installation and management of SAP infrastructure. Fujitsu’s 2-nanometer, Arm-based processor, codenamed Monaka, may also arrive within two to three years. With technologies derived from Kyo and Fugaku’s supercomputers, the new CPU can help build carbon-neutral data centers that deliver twice the performance and energy efficiency of today’s AI workloads faster.

Less than a month after the Innovation Forum, from April 2024, Fujitsu will stop selling its client’s machines in Europe, in addition to fulfilling the existing support contracts.

– Although I personally think of our client devices with nostalgia, more than 70 percent of the revenues of our European partners come from data center solutions and related services for years, and in the Hungarian market the ratio is even higher – Ladislav Orenic told our newspaper. – For our customers and partners, this area clearly offers the greatest opportunities, therefore, as our data center and AI solutions announced just now show, we are also focusing on this in order to help their sustainable digital transformation even more effectively. With our strategy, we are actually expanding our portfolio, as shown by our CT-on-demand solution available as a service, we are addressing new markets, which has attracted the interest not only of our existing partners, but also of new players in our region who are open to cooperation. For example, our Private GPT solution has already launched more than 60 trial projects in Europe, although we will publish its official price list only next month, in April.



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