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Tagenarine: Same Stance, Same Impact; Junior Chanderpal spreading the fame of Indian origin!

Tagenarine: Same Stance, Same Impact;  Junior Chanderpal spreading the fame of Indian origin!


From the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century, Indians were brought to the West Indies as indentured labor under French, Dutch and British colonial rule. They are known as Indo-Caribbeans.

The association and contribution of people of Indian origin to West Indies international cricket has long been significant. It was started in 1950 by Sonny Ramatin, an Indo-Caribbean who had the ability to bowl both off-spin and leg-spin in the same style. He still holds the world record for most balls in a Test match with 774 balls.

Shivnarain Chanderpal

Following a succession of Indian-origin cricketers in West Indies cricket comes Rogan Kanhai, the ICC Hall of Fame wicket-keeping batsman in 1957 who owns a delicate bat. He played for a total of 18 years, i.e. till 1975. Next left-arm batsman right-arm spinner Alvin Kallicharan in 1972 The flag of Indian origin flies high in West Indies cricket!

Successors Shivnarine Chanderpal and Ramnaresh Sarwan hold tight to the rope of this flag of Indian origin in West Indies cricket. But after their time, just as West Indies cricket declined in world cricket, so did the continuity of Indian descent in West Indies cricket. The flag of fame hoisted by Soni Ramadhan in 1957 also came down.

A young Indian-origin soldier has now taken the rope of this fallen flag. He is Tejnarain Chanderpal. Yes, Shivnarine is the son of West Indies cricket’s most successful player, Chanderpal!

Tejnarine Chanderpal is the junior of senior Chanderpal who scored 41 centuries and 125 half-centuries in 163 Tests and 268 ODIs for the West Indies in a stand that no one can successfully follow in the world of cricket!

It’s one thing to be named like your father, but to be able to take a stance, make a shot selection, play a shot like your father and execute it in international cricket is very rare. Shivnarain Chanderbal’s primary admirer at home has been his son. He is now on the field as his reincarnated form.

His international cricket career started on 30th November last year against Australia, which no batsman really likes, in Perth, which has the fastest pitch in the world, against a varied pace combination of Mitchell Starc, Hazle Wood and Pat Cummins. Prince Brian Laura of Port-of-Spain presents the hat for introduction, and this young man buys it and wears it with gusto!

Lapuzanne, one of Australia’s foremost run machines, was the first to score a double century in the match. Next run Mishin Smith completes the double century with the second run. Australia declared a shocking 598 for four in the first innings on the scoreboard.

Playing alongside skipper Brathwaite, junior Chanderpal is comfortable with the high-quality pace on a fast-paced pitch. His approach to the game was like a father nestling in his son. In that innings he scored 51 off 79 balls with seven fours and a six, in the first innings of the debut international, adding a handsome half-century to his name, marking the second arrival of an Indian-origin in world cricket and West Indies cricket.

Tejnarain Chanderpal

That one six came as Pat Cummins moved swiftly to the line and flicked a hook shot over long leg. Also the visiting card given by Junior Chanderpal to the six West Indies white ball cricket team.

It was at this stage that his arrival in West Indies cricket would be as determined, prolonged and vigorous as his father’s, as he proved in the match against Zimbabwe. He declared it in the first Test in Bulawayo from February 4 with a 467-ball 207 with 16 fours and three sixes. An interesting fact is that Sr. Chanderpal’s highest test score is 203*.

Junior Chanderpal has the characteristics of a successful batsman like understanding the situation of the game and the pitch, adapting according to the balls only, reducing and increasing the speed of the bat as per the need, concentrating on one point.

Tejnarain Chanderpal

Among the West Indies players who play fast action cricket with athletic physique, Indian origin players have given a new color to West Indies cricket in terms of patience, focus, game finesse, understanding the environment. As their successor, Junior Chanderpal lives up to the legacy.

Junior Chanderpal’s triumphant return to West Indies cricket is looking a little less likely to make the flag of Indian descent fly high again. If this flag goes up, it means that the flag of fame of West Indies cricket, which has fallen in world cricket, also goes up. May both rise to the top!



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