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take a photo of the pyramids

take a photo of the pyramids


We have to go back to 2015 for this image, which today remains unrivaled

He took advantage of his last day in space to do something incredible: take a photograph of the pyramids
Seeing these monuments from space is a question that has always raised a lot of interest.

The truth is that it has always been said that the only human structure that seen from space was the Chinese Wallbut it turns out that it was not like that, but rather it is something that is located in Spainspecifically the Plastic sea of ​​Almería. However, there are things that can be glimpsed if force your eyes and thanks to the viewers they have on the International Space Station (ISS from now on) you can see many other places on our planet.

Terry Virts, a cosmonaut who was in the ISS, has finished his journey through space and wanted to say goodbye on his last day with an iconic photograph of one of his favorite monuments. So, let’s see which and how he has achieved something as suggestive as a photograph from space. It should be remembered that this photograph

An unforgettable photo from the Space Station

The International Space Station is one of the places where astronauts have one of their most surprising missions. Terry Virts, an F-16 fighter pilot and later astronaut, was in the year 2015 in the same and from there he dedicated himself to taking impressive captures. However, there was one capture in particular that he always resisted: the Pyramids of Giza. Although he is passionate about space photography, the expert He had no luck in his attempts until the last daysince the conditions of the planet made it impossible to take the capture.

However, with a little luck he was able to take this incredible photo on the last day he stayed there. Something that she has been able to boast about in her count of.

view from space of the pyramids

Terry Virts took this photo in 2015 and shows the surprising growth of the urban areas around the pyramid complex

Furthermore, in the image you can perfectly see how the city has been getting closer to the pyramids to such an extent that a large population center surrounding them. Normally, the images that we usually see of the Pyramids of Giza show the vast desert that surrounds them, but in this case, we can also observe the great urban growth in a country that has more than one hundred million inhabitants as is the case of Egypt.

It was not the only striking photograph that Terry Virts left us during his stay in space in 2015, since he also took some videos of the polar lights in a truly surprising way.

The truth is that passing through the International Space Station has a truly surprising value and All astronauts are usually incredibly surprised. because of the way you live there during your stay. Of course, for their safety they cannot pass too long a time in it since the lack of protection from the atmosphere could cause problems for them. In addition, being in zero gravity can cause quite a few problems for people’s muscles and health. After all, it is a place where even going to the bathroom is a big challenge.

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