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take advantage of pCloud’s Black Friday deals

take advantage of pCloud’s Black Friday deals


Take advantage of pCloud’s Black Friday sales to get lifetime cloud storage at a rock-bottom price.

The most secure cloud storage at the best price: take advantage of pCloud's Black Friday deals
The pCloud Black Friday offer allows you to get lifetime cloud storage at the best price

Today you have an unbeatable opportunity to hire one of the Best cloud storage services at the lowest possible price. And it is that pCloud brings us today big discounts in the prices of its different storage plans, with discounts that reach 85% So you can save hundreds of euros while enjoying the most secure cloud storage.

If you are looking for a service where you can store your files in the cloud safely, quickly, with access from any device instantly, you better not miss these offers.

Up to 85% off thanks to pCloud Black Friday deals

pCloud Black Friday Sale

pCloud surprises on Black Friday with a barrage of offers on its best plans.

Yes, still you don’t know pCloudyou should know that it is a cloud storage service based in Switzerland, which today already has a base of more than 19 million users. The company has data centers located in the United States and Luxembourg.

Its platform is focused on security and privacy of the data, since the files are stored in the cloud using TLS/SSL encryption and user information is stored in data centers that are frequently subjected to intense risk assessments.

Among its most interesting features, we can find the compatibility with major platforms, including macOS, Windows, Linux, Android and iOS, with useful features such as automatic file download on mobile phones or access from any device thanks to automatic synchronization.

With pCloud it is also possible always keep your most important data safe thanks to pCloud Backup, the backup tool automatic backups. And if what you are looking for is a tool that allows you collaborate with other peoplepCloud will cover all your needs with options for shared links, folder invitations, file requests, and more.

If the above were not enough, pCloud also offers the services pCloud Encryption and pCloud Pass. The first offers a client-side encryption system for sensitive data, and the second is a Secure and very easy to use cross-platform password manager.

If you take advantage of the pCloud Black Friday Deals, You can get cloud storage plans at the lowest possible price. The best plum you will get it if you decide to opt for it Exclusive Limited Edition pCloud 3-in-1 Bundlewhat includes 5TB of storage in the cloud, in addition to the pCloud Encription and pCloud Pass services for life, with a 85% discount. You can get this plan for only 599 euros.

If you are interested in other plans, below we leave you the rest of pCloud offers What you can find:

  • Plan for 500GB: 139 euros (76% discount)
  • 2TB Plan: 279 euros (76% discount)
  • Plan for 10TB: 890 euros (85% discount)

You can contract any of the plans, in addition to obtaining more information about the service through the pCloud official website.



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