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Talking about it is a danger to his life! Singamuthu got angry about Vadivelu

Actor Vadivelu: Actor Vadivelu is crawling in Tamil cinema with the title Vaikaipuyal. Vadivelu met actor Rajkiran at a wedding, who was initially seen dancing and singing on the streets.

Seeing Vadivelu’s appearance and talent, Rajkiran helped Vadivelu to act in the first film. Vadivelu appeared as a supporting comedian in Kaundamani Senthil’s films.

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After that he gradually grew and rose to become a talented actor. Films like Devar Magan, East Sea, and First Honor proved Vadivelu’s talent. After that he traveled with next generation actors like Vijay, Ajith, Suriya and rose to become a leading comedy actor.

It is said that as comfort increases, one’s behavior and habits will change. A similar change was observed in Vadivel as well. The actors themselves have said about Vadivelu in many interviews that he did not respect his fellow actors and betrayed them.

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In this situation, a space dispute between Singha Muthu and Vadivelu has been going on for several days. Singha Muthu, who was recently interviewed, said, ‘Because of me, he is running into crores. The property bought for just 1.75 crores will now go up to 500 crores. Who is that? It’s because of me. There is still much to say about him. But if he said that, it would be a danger to his life’, Singha said.

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