EntertainmentTamil mass actors mixed in Lady Getap!.. Is he...

Tamil mass actors mixed in Lady Getap!.. Is he the only one who missed it?..


A great actor is the one who accepts whatever bad is given. This method has been a continuous practice since that time. There are no characters that Shivaji did not accept. If anything it was something only he knew.



We who see him are happy to see him in all his bad ways. In that way, some actors who accept all the bad guys will be reluctant to play only one bad guy.

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That’s Lady Bad. Few actors would bravely agree. Some actors hesitate. In that way, MGR played the role of Lady Ketab in Kadhalvaganam. Similarly, Sivaji has performed brilliantly in the movie Kumkum.



It traveled like that and it continued in the Rajini and Kamal era in the 80s. Rajini has played a female role in a song in the film Richan. Not to mention Kamal. Mami would have surprised everyone in the role of Avvaishanmukhi throughout the film.

Similarly, Vijay Sethupathi will be stunning in ‘Super Deluxe’ as a lady bad guy. Sivakarthikeyan made people laugh as Remo in their list. Vijaye, who is more shy than all of them, acted in a song in the film Priyamanavale for a few seconds in a lady costume. But Vijay, who initially denied it, has agreed in the joy of his son’s birth.


Kamal Rajini

It is worth noting that our head is not the only one involved in Lady Getap, where all leading actors like Prashant, Vishal, Surya, Sarathkumar and Sathyaraj are acting.



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