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Tangalana is important!.. Don’t look at how gold goes up and down and do the workout!..

Thangalan movie heroine Malavika Mohanan is making her fans sweat by releasing the latest video of her doing up and down workout. Malavika Mohanan had recently published a long post about her debut in Tamil cinema with Rajinikanth’s film, while the film team recently celebrated 5 years since the release of Petta.

She made her debut opposite Sasikumar in Petta and got the heroine opportunity in Vijay’s Master directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj. But fans trolled him to death with the scenes of him angrily cursing Vijay in that film.

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Next, Malavika also acted in Dhanush’s film Maran, which was released directly on OTT. Pa. Directed by Ranjith and starring Syan Vikram, Parvathy and Pashupati, Tangalan was expected to hit Pongal and release on 25th January on Republic Day, but in the end, the film crew forgot about the film without announcing the release date yet.

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In this case, Malavika Mohanan, who keeps the fans in touch, has released a video of her doing exercises to strengthen her legs by going up and down on the bench. Fans have been nagging him about when the movie Tangalan will be released, some serious Mallu fans are commenting that Tangalan is important and don’t watch Thangam doing the workout.


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