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Android 12 will have a feature that won’t burn your retinas when you reach for your phone at night – Phandroid

We’re sure that we’ve all received a call or a message in the dead of the night at least a couple of times, and when you reach for your phone and turn it on, the brightness from the...

Upcoming Google Assistant feature will make using it a lot less annoying – Phandroid

One of the reasons why all digital assistants have wake words or phrases is because it helps to prevent the user from accidentally triggering them. While it is undoubtedly a good feature, it can make it rather annoying...

ASUS teases Zenfone 8 announcement for May 13 – Phandroid

While ASUS might not necessarily be a name we think of when it comes to smartphones, the company’s Zenfone series has actually been pretty good in terms of hardware and performance. In fact, if you’re looking forward to...

Grab Amazon’s Echo Dot for just $30 – Phandroid

If there is one gadget that can help tie a whole smart home together, it would be a smart speaker which you can use to control various aspects of your home. Of course, it can get expensive to...

Einova 63W Laptop Power Bank Review – Phandroid

Power banks can be a lifesaver when your smartphone or laptop is running low on power. Simply plug in your gadget and you can charge while on the go without needing to hunt for a power outlet. I’ve...

3 reasons the S21 Ultra didn’t cut it for me, and one why I’ll miss it – Phandroid

Take one look at the Phandroid YouTube channel and you’ll see that quite a phones have already crossed our collective desks in the first portion of 2021. There have been a few standouts, but none embody the “flagship”...

missing the mark – Phandroid

Electrolux created the first robotic vacuum cleaner called the “Trilobite” in 1996. Although it worked fairly well, it was far from perfect and was prone to leaving small areas that were not fully cleaned. It never appealed to...

two steps forward, one step back – Phandroid

While the new OnePlus 9 Pro has an impressive camera system, how does the regular OnePlus 9 fair when matched up against the iPhone 12? Now, the iPhone 12 isn’t exactly the best of what Apple has to...

7 Best Instagram alternatives for sharing photos – Phandroid

When it comes to sharing photos and videos online, it’s hard to beat Instagram. This is because unlike some other photo sharing platforms, Instagram feels less serious and more fun with all the various filters and effects, and...

Save close to 50% on the Beats Powerbeats Pro true wireless earbuds – Phandroid

Are you looking for a pair of true wireless earbuds to accompany you on your workouts? If you are, then you don’t want to miss this crazy deal for the Beats Powerbeats Pro. These earbuds are currently being...

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