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Telegram is planning a ‘Premium’ sub with not-very-premium features

Telegram MessengerSource: Luke Filipowicz/iMore

The popular private instant messaging app and service Telegram appears to be working on a new subscription offering that will give people access to exclusive features. The new Premium subscription is being tested with iPhone and iPad users who are part of the current beta testing pool.

In information shared by an unofficial Telegram Beta channel and picked up by 9to5Google, we see that Telegraph Premium will be the name of the subscription — although pricing is as-yet-unknown. We do know that new stickers and sections will be part of the offering, although it’s possible that more additions will be shared in due course.

While there’s no indication currently as to how much “Telegram Premium” will cost, there are a few hints as to how the subscription will work. In a quick demo as pictured below, reactions are similar to the bigger emoji that Telegram introduced in recent months, but with options that Telegram hasn’t made available to free users. When clicking on a sticker sent by someone using the subscription, someone who isn’t subscribed cannot see the reaction/sticker, and instead just sees a prompt to purchase the subscription model.

Some suggest that we will also see a new avatar creator added to the mix eventually, but it still isn’t really clear whether that will be part of the Telegram Premium subscription, or not.

There is currently no public timescale for when any of this will be made available to the version of Telegram that’s in the App Store, unfortunately. Telegram is one fo the best iPhone apps for staying in touch with people on other platforms including Android, but whether people will pay for Telegram Premium remains o be seen.

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