Home Android News Telegram is updated with a profile photo creator, the translation of entire chats and much more

Telegram is updated with a profile photo creator, the translation of entire chats and much more

Telegram is updated with a profile photo creator, the translation of entire chats and much more


Discover everything that comes to Telegram with the first update of 2023.

Telegram is updated with a profile photo creator, the translation of entire chats and much more
The latest Telegram update comes loaded with great news

As happens every month around these dates, Telegram Has published a new update of your application, which is already reaching all users of the instant messaging client created by the Durov brothers. This new variant of Telegram includes a series of really interesting news and if you want to enjoy all of them as soon as possible, you just have to download the latest version of Telegram available.

This update includes great improvements such as the inclusion of a profile picture makerthe possibility of translating entire chats or the autosave of multimedia contents in the galleryamong other.

These are all the news that come to Telegram with its first update of 2023

The first new function that has just arrived on Telegram is a profile photo creator, thanks to which you will be able to turn any sticker or animated emoji into a profile picture that you can use in your chats, groups and channels. In addition, thanks to this functionality, it is also possible put or suggest profile photos for your contacts when editing your contact information. This feature is available to all users of the messaging appin such a way that you can use it, even if you do not have Telegram Premium.

Another of the great improvements of this new Telegram update is the possibility of translate chats, groups and entire channels in real time simply by touching the new translation bar that appears at the top. In addition, to the right of said bar, you will find a menu that It will allow you to hide it and choose which languages ​​you want to be translated. Unfortunately, this feature is exclusive to Telegram Premium users.

With the new version of Telegram it is also possible to control the autosave of multimedia content in the gallery of your mobile, being able to configure when the multimedia elements are automatically saved depending on their size, their type and in what type of chat they were received. Obviously, that function it also allows the application of exceptions, so that you only save what interests you.

In this sense, it should be noted that with this update, group administrators can choose whether group members are allowed to send the 9 different types of multimedia elements, among which are photos, voice messages and video messages. In addition, these administrators can turn off text messages to create media-only groups.

Since not all of us have plans with unlimited data, Telegram has included a new function in its app that will allow you to see how much data has been used by Telegram through practical circular graphs with consumption data both over Wi-Fi and through the mobile network and modify autodownload settings to avoid excessive data consumption.

Another novelty of this update is that, from now on, all stickers and emojis are sorted by categories, which appear directly in the search bar so that you can select the one that interests you most quickly and easily. Also, if you long press any emoji you can zoom in to see it better before sending it.

In this regard, it should also be noted that this new version of Telegram also includes 10 new packs of animated emojis customized by Telegram artists. You can add any of these new emoji packs from a new featured section that appears at the top of the emoji panel. In addition, Telegram has added new interactive versions of 6 emojiswhich you will also be able to use as reactions.

Premium annual subscription

Telegram Premium launches an annual subscription with which you can save about 20 euros a year

Finally, Telegram has released a new annual Telegram Premium plan with which you save 40% compared to the monthly payment and has included a new option for bot builders that allows them to add buttons to choose groups, channels or people who meet a certain criteria and the ability to log back in with your account Google either Manzana no need to resort to SMS verification.

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