Technology NewsTesla puts recalcitrant drivers into a virtual corner

Tesla puts recalcitrant drivers into a virtual corner


This is how the car manufacturer tries to discourage drivers who abuse self-driving functions.

The other day we reported that the Mercedes scored a big win over Tesla, as the German company’s cars were the first to receive permission for level 3 self-driving, after Germany, also in the USA. In any case, Tesla is struggling with serious problems due to its Autopilot mode, which in reality combines the driver support systems of today’s modern cars, and its solution, which is also deceptively called the Full Self-Driving (FSD) mode.

Although the latter would in principle be suitable for level 3 self-driving – when under certain circumstances the driver can let go of the steering wheel, but must be ready to take back control when the car signals – however, practice shows that there are problems with FSD. He happened to be a Tesla driver almost fell into an abyss thanks to a bug in FSD, while a software security expert says it is FSD simply does not perceive children on the road, so it can easily cause an accident. It is important to note that Tesla clearly allows drivers to use the software in beta, i.e. not in its final version, so they are practically using live situations to test their software.

Tesla is still far from fully self-driving, the steering wheel must be taken (Photo: Unsplash/David von Diemar)
Tesla is still far from fully self-driving, the steering wheel must be taken (Photo: Unsplash/David von Diemar)

Practice shows that there are probably many people who, despite the company’s recommendations, do not use these functions properly. This can also be inferred from the fact that at the end of November last year, Tesla engineers achieved a software update to prevent the use of the cheating gadgets that trick the government release monitoring system. The fact that such devices are still available today proves how much demand there is for them.

Tesla has now chosen a new method to regulate recalcitrant owners, it says InsideEVs – which even a grumpy daycare teacher would envy. In the future, those who use the FSD mode incorrectly will be banned from using it for two weeks.

The restriction comes into effect precisely for those for whom the on-board computer turns off the self-driving functions at least five times. THE Forced Autopilot Disengagementdespite its name, the phenomenon called FSD also affects the FSD mode, it occurs when the system warns the driver several times in vain to take over, but the person does not react. Of course, these five do not count if the driver takes control of the car himself from the computer, since in this case he is not acting under duress.

Keep your hands on the wheel and don’t take your eyes off the road. The use of any hand-held device is not permitted when using the Autopilot function

– says the description attached to the 2022.44.30.5 update of Tesla’s software. Again, the wording is a bit misleading here, as the ban refers to the use of FSD.

By the way, the company is asking $15,000 for the FSD function. If someone thinks that it is excessive to limit the use of an extra 5.5 million for two weeks, it does not hurt to know that this is already the milder punishment. Tesla previously simply excluded recalcitrant drivers from using FSD, who did not even receive information about whether they would even have the opportunity to use the deceptively self-driving mode again.

The use of the term Full Self-Driving was specifically banned in California at the end of last year. The provision also prohibits other car manufacturers from using a similarly misleading name in car-related descriptions and advertising materials. By the way, this has already been prohibited by the state’s vehicle inspection body, the DMV, but according to Democratic Senator Lena Gonzalez, who proposed the law, the fact that the DMV does not have the authority to enforce the law was a problem, which is why the regulation has now been brought into force. Against Tesla, by the way, for a similar reason a federal investigation was also launched last year: the Ministry of Justice considers the Autopilot function to be a way for Tesla to deceive consumers.

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