Home Android News Tesla will integrate Grok, xAI’s new AI chatbot, into its cars

Tesla will integrate Grok, xAI’s new AI chatbot, into its cars

Tesla will integrate Grok, xAI’s new AI chatbot, into its cars


Thus, the ecosystem of Elon Musk’s different companies remains united once again.

Tesla will integrate Grok, xAI's new AI chatbot, into its cars
The new Tesla Model 3 Highland in red

A few days ago, Elon Musk announced Grok the alternative to ChatGPT. they are new AI for users subscribed to X Premium+ It has become one of the news of the moment and news about it is not stopping. The questions surrounding its monetization and its implementation have come later as Musk answered questions on his own social network. Now, one has been dropped possible implementation with Tesla at different levels, whether a total one through the internet or carrying Grok inside his hardware.

Grok will come to Tesla

Tesla is going to integrate xAI’s artificial intelligence, Grok, into all its vehicles. Something that Elon Musk already emphasized in his presentation and that is expected to arrive when AI has been fully implemented and can be used in a way extended by any user.

Musk and xAI’s plan is for this artificial intelligence to be paid for with a premium service through social media platforms, so it is not surprising that they want to extend it to Tesla vehicles to increase it even more. its reach.

In fact, this turn of events was somewhat to be expected, since Tesla would have been boosting its voice commands in the latest updateswhich demonstrates a real interest in inserting artificial intelligence into Tesla’s automotive market.

In fact, Brian RoemmeleAn insider who had already made some predictions around xAI, explained that we could expect to see a smaller version of Grok at Tesla running through the vehicle’s own operating system and harnessing the power of Tesla hardware.

At the moment, it is not clear when Grok will arrive for the general market, so it is impossible to discern when will you have that expected integration with Tesla. However, it is hoped that users will be able to enjoy it as soon as it is ready on the market. Although it is still somewhat difficult to discern since it is in an embryonic phase.

In short:

  • Tesla and xAI will team up to bring an integration of Musk’s AI to their vehicle brand.
  • Teslas could carry a lighter version of Grok inside that uses the vehicle’s hardware to function.
  • The idea is that autonomous cars and vehicles begin to function increasingly like an AI network.

Some insiders like the one mentioned above have already assured that this could mean a new revolution in transportationbut the truth is that the arrival is too far away and it is too unclear how to determine this question.



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