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That girl Patience Sally! I fell in love with them – Pradeep gave a shock when he came out

Pradeep Antony: Pradeep Antony was a tough contestant in Bigg Boss. They are still talking on the internet that they sent him out with a plan. Pradeep is a character who is a bit rough and in a state of mind that does not agree to anything immediately.

In the beginning Pradeep was able to see a serious expression. But it has to be said that Pradeep fell into Maya’s conspiracy when Maya and Aizu entered the Bigg Boss house with Pradeep. Till then he was playing alone.

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He was known among the people as the model who gave up that first place for Maya in the task itself. If he had said that money is important then and that title is also important, he would be in a different place today. I have to say that Pradeep, who said that he was going to kill everyone as soon as he entered this house, slipped out of his thoughts when he said that Maya is my younger sister.

Apart from that, there was some dissatisfaction with Pradeep when he gave love content to everyone thinking that it was a kind of strategy in the game. At one point, Pradeep was sent out after giving a red card to all the female contestants saying that if he is here, we are not safe.

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However, a photo of him happily posing with his family with the card also went viral. In this situation, Pradeep has said that he is in love with a girl. He has been in love with a girl for 7 years already. It’s broken up.

After that he fell in love with another girl for 4 years. And break up. The girl is very patient and says that she is now in love with another girl. He has said that we will see how far this goes.

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